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Facebook Survey Results

I thought I would take the opportunity to present some of the results of our Facebook Survey. Thanks to the 33 Fans who took the time to give their input. The first question was designed to determine if we were creating too many links to other websites for helpful information. 79% thought is was just right, while 15% thought it was too much. As a result we will attempt to limit our links to valuable and informative information. The next question was designed to help us determine what those links should be. Below is a list of the top vote getters.

Spiritual Living 60%
Exploring God’s Word 67%
Church Programs 60%
Christians in the Workplace 43%
Family 47%

We will continue to link to many of the different types of information in our original listing, including the one that I left off the list but was reminded of by a commenter, which was Education. We will try to focus on the list above since that seems to be what most are interested in.

Next we asked if we were linking back to the Church website enough. 83% thought it was just about right, while 17% thought we needed to do more. We are continuously monitoring the Church website for changes and updates. We will do our best to stay current and on top of Church events and activities.

With our next question we were looking for what changes or additional information you wanted to see between Facebook and our Church website. By far and wide “Pictures from events” was the winner at 89%. For the most part the only church photographers we have are you. So if you have pictures from church events that you would like to share, either post to your Facebook page and send me a email and I will link to your page for everyone to see or send your pictures to and I will post them here. A good example was all the pictures from the Pig Pit Classic that were shared for everyone to see. Like I said earlier we will attempt to stay current on events and programs that are going on at the church or are connected to the church.

Another item we asked about was the Sermons on the Church website. It was encouraging to see 35% of the respondents have listened to at least one sermon online. In response to some comments, the internet connection into the building is not the most reliable connection and sometimes things come up that are more important. But in general the sermons are uploaded to the website on Monday morning.

Next we asked you “How did you find out about us on Facebook?” Below are the responses:

Found on Facebook/Search 23%
In Church or Bulletin 35%
Friend 35%
Church Website 4%
Unknown 4%

Finally we asked you what you thought about certain types of content. 92% of you wanted to see more Christian videos including music. 96% wanted more G rated funny or interesting videos. Also 80% were fine with my random thoughts, but some thought I should lighten up on Robin and concentrate more on people like Zach or Ben or other members of the staff. Hey, I can do that. The problem was that Robin just provides so much material. Now I will have to follow the activities of the rest of the staff a little closer. That’s okay, there are reports and books out there that tell me that I am a great multi-tasker.

Also 81% of you like the idea of welcoming new fans. Finally, I wanted to respond to a comment about a post I made showing the difference between male and female fans. It was to show how the female fans seem more into relationships, even relationships out on a social network like Facebook and how men don’t seem to be interested one way or the other. That’s all for now.

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