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New Testament Reading Plan

Well September 1st is almost here and we are going to attempt to read through the New Testament before the end of the year. During the week we will be reading 2-3 chapters each day and on the weekends 1-2.

Below is what I will post each morning around 5am, just in case you are a early riser. Technically I don’t sleep anyway. The link will take you to the Biblegateway website and directly to the chapters we will be reading.

Below is a what the Biblegateway reading will look like. Of course no one says you need to read it online. Please if reading from your Bible is your preferred method of studying God’s Word, then by all means.
Below is the tab that will hold the entire list of readings through the end of the year. If you know that you will not be checking online that early in the morning, then here you can see what the next days reading will be and you can plan ahead. Also you can print it off in case you will out of town.
I know this is a very aggressive endeavor. But once we get into the Word each day, it will soon become a habit, if it is not already. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave a comment on the Facebook page.

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