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9/1 Matthew 1-3

9/1  Matthew 1-3

How amazing would it be for God to send an angel to talk to you? I wonder what was going on in Joseph’s mind. God gave him the most important job I think anyone has ever had.  Raise and protect His son.  Has God ever asked us do something so important?  How about something not so important?  Did we do it or did we choose to do something else?


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  1. When I was younger, I thought it was scary to be willing to do something big for God. And when I say younger, I mean about 1 month younger than I am now. : )
    It hit me, just recently, that it is much scarier to not do His Will. Not because he can punish, but because His path is so much safer than our path.
    I’m old enough to look back and realize how blessed my life has been. It is not what I expected as a youth, but it is filled with contentment and good things that I can now appreciate more than before.
    I know my big things are NOT as big as what Joseph faced. But when I am doing something that I don’t want to do, but I’ve prayed and know it is what I should do, I now try to concentrate on how good it could be because God led me to it. I try to block all the mental talk of things like how much I don’t want to do it, and this is awful, and I don’t like leaving my comfort zone. And God blesses that.
    We have an awesome God.

    Comment by Bobbie | September 2, 2009 | Reply

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