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9/6 Matthew 14

There sure seems like a lot going on in this chapter.  Jesus is surely saddened at that death of John the Baptist.  And even as he pulls away for some alone time, the crowds follow after him.  Is it me or do the disciples seem like a bunch of mediocre event planners.  Jesus is healing the sick and teaching the multitudes and he has to stop long enough to prepare dinner.  I hope we all have the faith to realize that Jesus will provide for all our needs.  Not saying that I would of done any different in their shoes, but knowing what we know today, why worry about the small stuff when you are with Jesus.

The next section again tests their faith, especially Peter.  After Jesus finally gets away for some alone time, probably to recharge with God.  He goes out to them on the water.  Peter being Peter, exhibits great faith for a flash of a moment, only to fall short of where Jesus wants him to be.  I wonder how many times our lack of faith lets Jesus down?  I think that is something I don’t want to keep track of.  What about you?

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