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What if Jesus Facebooked? (Part 4)

October 28, 2009

The Bay to Breakers footrace is an annual event in San Francisco that isn’t your everyday jog. To picture the Bay to Breakers race isn’t to picture your normal 5K. The runners in this West Coast race are anything but serious runners. In fact, to prove they’re not serious about running, they choose to not run empty-handed. Some athletes (and I use that word loosely) carry kitchen sinks while running, others push entire beds while they “sprint” down the street. The crucial runners in this race dress up as cucumbers or bananas. Due to all of this craziness and due to the weight some runners choose to carry while racing, only 1 out of 4 runners finish. This is not your normal race.

To the world, the world also sees the Christian life as “not your normal race”. God’s race is for serious runners – because it’s only for those who aim to finish.  Hebrews 12, at the beginning, shows us that the Christian life is a race. While running God’s race we are instructed to throw off everything that hinders (Hebrews 12:1). What hinders you in the running of God’s race? What trips us up in a relationship with Him? We have choices to make. We can’t have everything we want. We can’t do everything that seems good to us. If we’re serious about crossing the finish line we must set certain things aside and for too long we chosen to run in the “work race” or the “hobby race” or the “relationship with others race” and have tripped in God’s race in the process.

I’ll say it again, if we’re serious about crossing the finish line in God’s race, we must set certain things aside. Some of you are working way TOO much and way TOO hard. Not only is it affecting your relationships at home, but it’s harmful to the most important relationship you have – you and God. Yes work is good, and it does provide, but are you willing to set aside what is good (hours and hours of work) to have God’s best (the real Provider)? Slowing down and taking time off work (and that means your to-do list around the house as well) so that we can deepen our relationship with God is always worth it. We need to be sensitive to God’s direction. We need to “throw off” any excess baggage that interferes with our relationship with God, and for many of us, we’re working too much and too hard. We need to let go some of that kitchen sink (work) so that we can finish God’s race.

Because I’ll tell you this, He’s strong enough to carry the kitchen sink for you while you run. But how would you know if you’re still holding onto work instead of allowing God’s word to hold onto you? Chew on that. Good luck in the race.


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