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Rich Toward God (Part 1 of 5)

November 4, 2009

It was mentioned this past Sunday in the sermon that we embraced Jesus as our Savior and hesitate to make Him our Lord. Explanation: we’re fine having Jesus save us from our sins, cleansing us, giving us eternal life. But when it comes to Him being our Lord, we struggle with Him being the head of every decision we make; especially when it comes to giving. A few years ago I ran across a billboard that read, If you want to make me laugh, tell me your plans. Signed, God.

We do our life purpose a disservice by trying to write our own script. If we let God write the script of our lives, we’d realize that He is the main character, not us.

I’ve done enough weddings to see that if the bride of the wedding isn’t the planner, things can get ugly. Too many times the mother of the bride (referred to as the MOTB) tries to write out the wedding plans for her daughter. The MTOB is out of touch with reality because she doesn’t realize that her daughter should be the main character, not her. I remember one wedding where the MOTB was not happy with anything. She wanted a different shade of flowers than the bride wanted. The candles weren’t white enough. The music wasn’t traditional enough. She even told the preacher that if he didn’t change into a better pair of shoes that he’d be replaced.

Life can be very stressful if we assume that in every scene we walk into we’re the main character. That’s why we are selfish and greedy, b/c we think life is about us, about what we want, about what makes us happy. And that’s an illusion. Life is about God, what He wants, what makes Him happy.

Some of ya’ll need to make Jesus Savior AND Lord of your life. You need to let go of control like a child lets go of a helium balloon. Where to start? Do something good for others just b/c God loves them. Give your script to the Master Play writer and He’ll write you out a happy ending.



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