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A New Year, an Improved Church

January 6th, 2010

The New Year is a time when we plan for our future. We have to think and pray and focus again on our purpose as Christ’s church.  We have to dream some new dreams and set new goals. This past Sunday, Northside took a simple step for God to reach the lost, one dollar at a time. Collectively, as a church, we are each giving one dollar to meet the needs of those in our community who don’t have the blessings we do. But this is just a start, we must continue to think and act like God.

There are some churches who settle with just trying to have inspiring worship services, some good programs and rich fellowship.

We don’t, we can’t just have that!

All of that is good but it is not enough. We are the Body of Christ that meets at 7615 Ridge Road in Wadsworth Township. As Christ’s body we are to seek to do His Will! One of the on going desires of God’s heart is that we do all we can to Reach One More for Him.  That is our slogan, “Reaching One More.”

Our concern for reaching as many people for Christ as we can must never become a casual thing.

It is the thing!

I was with a group of preaching ministers not long ago and we were talking about the different challenges that we face in our churches. And one of the ministers said when it comes to evangelism and discipleship; we don’t do either one of them very well.

Now I know this guy well and I know that he is torn up inside because that is why we exist, to bring people to Jesus so their lives can be changed. Did you know that’s why we exist? So the friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers around us can be adopted into the family of God.  So their sins can be forgiven. And once we are forgiven – we are to grow up spiritually and do all we can to make a difference in another person’s life.

That is what the gospel is about!

And while all of that is true – it is so easy for churches to lose their focus on what is really important. It is easy for churches to begin to settle for what they want and are comfortable with instead of what they have to do to reach out to others.

Our natural tendency is to turn our focus on ourselves. On what encourages us, on what we like. But as soon as a church buys into that attitude and philosophy – it begins to die. Not over night but eventually. Once a church is no longer willing to sacrifice, to give, to serve, to reach out and disciple others, that is the day that it begins from God’s perspective, a slow and agonizing death.

That’s not us. We’re going to live by showing love to those in need; one dollar at a time!



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