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Desires Come in Four Flavors #1

January 27, 2010

Growing up in a frugal family, going out for ice cream was a once a year activity. In my family, it’s called your birthday. Even on the greatest day for a kid, there were restrictions. I could get any ice cream flavor I wanted except for one – the bubble gum flavor. My mom thought that swallowing gum was bad. She can go ahead and read this article then –

Guess which flavor I couldn’t stop dreaming about getting? No, not the strawberry silly! The bubble gum! I had to have it more than a baby needs love, more than Eve needed that forbidden fruit, more than the Cavs need Lebron.

We get like that sometimes when it comes to our desires. The next four weeks I’d like to venture into the four flavors desire comes in. The spiritual reality is that each one of these desires has a God-designed foundation in our lives. Let’s look at the first flavor –

Flavor #1  Material Desires

We all have material desires – desires attached to money and clothes and cars and houses. Do you like money (is the Pope Catholic?)? In Acts 16 we read about Lydia, a businesswoman dealing in textiles who also happened to be the first Christian convert in Europe. She had an eye for design and a flair for making money. Imagine the passion and drive it would take for a woman to succeed in business in the ancient world. She was good enough at it that she owned her own home, and it was a large enough home that it become a part of her ministry. Lydia’s home become the first meeting place of the first church in the history of Europe. Of all the churches built over all the centuries – Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey, and the Sistine Chapel – the very first one in Europe was the home of this Philippian businesswoman named Lydia.

Maybe you have a flair for money. You enjoy money. You don’t admit it to anyone at church, but you do. You love being surrounded by beauty, design, color. This isn’t a bad thing because God created beauty, He loves beauty.

If these material desires choke your generosity, cause you to live in debt, or create chronic dissatisfaction, then it’s time to say no. We could take all the good, material things God has given us and invite Him to brainstorm on how we could use our homes, cars, stuff to please Him. That’s what would be truly beautiful. As the Spirit flows, God will give you a creative, new ideas about how to share what you have, just as he did with Lydia.

Have a great week guys, keep praying for Haiti.



January 27, 2010 - Posted by | Zach |


  1. Well said! Great checkpoints and things to pray about!

    Comment by Amy Palitto | January 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. I watch the news now on Haiti and my heart is broken. I am so blessed with material possessions and seeing all the little children just wandering in the streets, alone and afraid, is more than I can watch or think about. I am praying that God will show me how I can share what possessions I have with them. I know that N.C.C. will have a truck ready for Haiti in Feb. and I’m passing the word along. What an opportunity to show the love of God through these donations. Please God, forgive me of being so self centered.

    Comment by Karen Derhammer | January 27, 2010 | Reply

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