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Three Squares…

January 29, 2010

Just imagine, it is Thanksgiving afternoon and the smells of all the delicious comfort foods are wafting around. Now as your mouth waters and your stomach growls, please continue to read this after your snack. Now that you are back, what if you skipped that morsel of food, what if you fasted from sunrise to sunset? (Side note, fasting was only commanded once under the Law, during the Day of Atonement, see Leviticus 16:29-31.) So fasting is not a requirement by God, but a time to focus yourself on God. Fasting is one of those things that is great to do and is even suggested to do while you are feeling grief, repentance, and petitioning a serious prayer to God. So are you only a true follower of God if you fast? No, you are a true follower of God when you are living your life completely out loud for Him, personal fasting can be a great part of that.

Read Isaiah 58 (See Here) I believe this passage follows more on the line of what we are doing and our actions toward others. If we are to fast and worry that the Lord is not noticing us, do we really have faith in Him? The struggle is not new, though if we are only giving our God face time, Sunday time, and making no effort to live for Him then our fast is worthless.

Here Isaiah is writing to warn people that your service and actions toward God is deeply personal and the focus should be on Him. Him only! Now who are we living for? Do we live for God to be uplifted, glorified, and magnified or for us? In verse 4b if the focus is not on Him, do you really expect to be heard? Like everyone I want to be heard, I want others to see me as a true man of God, not the sinner that I still am. So often I need to make sure that I have not lost focus on why I do what I do, to make sure that the glory deserved to the Lord is directed to Him. It is so not me. Humility is hard, living your life out loud is hard, not just living it, but also to glorify Him. I can not imagine life without God, but so many times we don’t live a life for God. As you go through the text, verse 8 jumps into the “Then your light will break forth”… our blessing will be given. God has promised to strengthen us and our light will make the darkness like the noon day. His desire is for us to live our life out loud and always making sure that the life we are living is for Him and not for us. God desires to do amazing things through us, we just need to let Him, and get out of the way. He knows it all, so don’t worry, He sees your ministry.

Many Blessings,

Mark A Williams

Minister of Involvement

Northside Christian Church


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