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Desires Come in Four Flavors (now serving 3 of four flavors)

February 10, 2010

Relational Desires

In the Old Testament we read about the friendship between Jonathan and David. Even though Jonathan was heir to the throne, he voluntarily gave up power because he knew his friend David was God’s choice to be king. Jonathan wanted to be a friend more than he wanted to be a king. That is an unusual, unnatural choice when it comes to power. The humility and generosity of Jonathan is what made him famous. There have been countless kings whom nobody remembers (can you never name the last 10 Presidents?) – but Jonathan’s friendship with David has inspired the human race for thousands of years.

We all have relational desires, and maybe you hunger for deep relationships but you never really pursue them. You get too busy. If deep relationships don’t just fall into your lap, you give up. Deep relationships, however, don’t just fall into our lap. Jonathan had to overcome unbelievable barriers to build his friendship with David – and there is a chance you will, too, to build a friendship.

My friend David has the spiritual gift of breakfast. He meets people at a southern franchise called the Waffle House. The waitress loves to wait on him because he tips well and makes everyone laugh. He is both really funny and utterly unguarded about his own brokenness, which makes the people he meets with open up like tulips in the sun. He feels God’s presence most powerfully when he sits in the Waffle House and is allowed to connect with someone’s soul. It is not coffee that brings people to him; it is the desire to know others that flows out of him. When you desire to know others, that will flow out of your actions.

If you have the gift for hospitality, throw parties on a regular basis. The joy you feel when people are gathering and talk is flowing and laughter is resounding and new friendships are being forged all comes from God. If you need closer relationships, let us know – we’ll plug you into a community of believers who need you as much as you need them.


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