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Desires Come in Four Flavors (now serving all four flavors)

February 17, 2010

And now for our last desire to discuss: Physical Desires (dun, dun, DUN!!!!)

Because your body was made by God, you also have appetites for things to eat, drink, touch and see – physical desires. The Old Testament is filled with commands for God’s people to feast, eat, drink, celebrate, sing, dance, shout, and make music – all things we do with our bodies. These appetites, these desires, can become a way of remembering how good our God is and can lead us to become more joy-filled people.

God loves it when you enjoy stretching or training your body in new skills, or when you enjoy what your eyes see, your ears hear, your mouth tastes, and your skin feels. The physical is not separate from the spiritual. It is the Spirit that makes our bodies come to life.

Have you ever had the desire to by physically attractive to the world (I asked this at a small church once and no one raised their hand!)? The Bible teaches us that beauty of character trumps exterior beauty when it comes to God’s eyes, but he did create our physical bodies, so let’s get real for a moment.

Some stylists I heard of started what they called a “hairdressers ministry.” That sounded a bit odd to me because the only hairstylist I could think of in the Bible was Delilah, and that didn’t turn out so well. But serving people by cutting their hair is a good thing, and sometimes people will tell things to the person cutting their hair that they don’t tell anyone else.

This group of hairstylists began giving complimentary haircuts to physically and mentally challenged folks, and then traveled to Costa Rica to serve young women trying to escape a life of prostitution. The stylists cared for the physical body without wanting anything in return. They served bodies that had not been honored in years because the bodies had been turned into objects.

It is a good thing to eat food you love to eat (Chipotle), wear clothes you love to wear (white T-shirts), listen to music that makes you happy (the King of Pop), and then to thank God that He gave you your body so that you can see and hear and touch and laugh. Find out what gives you joy and thank God for it. Find out what brings you joy, and use it to bring someone closer to God.


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