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Focus on Finding More of the Awesome Things!

March 2, 2010

Sunday we looked at the Scripture about the Widow giving out of her poverty.  Jesus was watching!  Imagine that!  He sees everything you know, even your giving!  This widow put in all she had to live on in stark contrast to the rich putting their gifts out of their wealth.   (Luke 21:1-4)

Jesus used this as a teaching moment to teach us that even in the most severe of circumstances you still give because you trust God. She was a widow. In a society the needs of the widow were often overlooked, God singled them out for special attention. If her late husband’s family did not look after them then no one would. Begging or prostitution were realistically the only options for survival.   No Social Security, no Medicare, no welfare, no pension, no hope!

In the midst of difficult circumstances, she still trusted God. And so should we, despite life’s difficulties.  As a friend of mine recently stated on his son’s website,  “We need to focus on finding more and more awesome things.” This family has been through some of the most difficult and trying of circumstances!   In a single split second on the field during a hometown Friday night football game, a family and a community has been turned upside down and is praying for a miracle. Kory Wiita was severely injured in October during the last regular season game. In a third quarter special teams play, Kory fractured three levels of his cervical spine and is currently paralyzed from the chest down and has left a family and a community searching for answers.   In spite of all of this Kory and His family have a strong faith in Christ and continue to focus more and more on awesome things.

Here is what Dan wrote last week:

We actually all went to church today!!!!!!  It was the first time since October that me and Kory have been there.  Kory received an impromptu ovation when we came in the front door.  It was wonderful to be back at our church and it was very emotional.

The outpouring of support from everybody was very special.  Kory was surrounded by people for a long time after the service!!  He was becoming speechless.

We didn’t go to our “normal” service because me and Kory couldn’t wake up in time.  We didn’t sit in our “normal” seats because we were almost late, imagine that.  We even have a “new” guy leading the music, we have missed a lot.  At least Paula was still playing the piano, she is awesome, and Robin was still preaching, he is almost as awesome as she is.

Maybe that is like our “new normal life” is going to be, many things changed, some things not changed, some things just a little different, and some things still awesome.  We need to focus on finding more and more awesome things.
Thanks for all of the support and prayers.
This is going to be a long fight!!!!!

So let me encourage you, despite the difficulties that you may be facing, like this widow or the Witta family, trust God and focus on finding more and more awesome things!


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