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The Bride and Groom

March 5, 2010

As I write this to you, I am warm and looking out a hotel room from Los Angeles. Sorry, no snow here and not wearing a coat — I know bummer! Of course as I am away from my bride, Danielle, I long to see her, hear her voice and share what I have learned. This woman that I fell in love with long ago — the anniversary of our first date will be coming up soon, 21 years ago; uh we were 10, yeah 10, not. I shared this story (not a recommendation), following Ben and Holly’s wedding. On our second date I told her with complete confidence that I would be marrying her and she said that was fine with her. If you knew us then you would know that it was more God than Mark and Danielle.

In Acts 18 we read about the couple Aquila and Priscilla at the end of Paul’s second missionary journey. This couple truly set the tone for marriage by complimenting each other. They are who I feel that we should strive to be: willing to share with others, invite them in, love them as Christ would and demonstrate a great Christian marriage. I see that together as bride and groom we do not seek what we can do in our marriage, but what our marriage can do for Him. We are living our lives out loud for Him and I am so privileged that we are in ministry together and that our ministry has been happening for many years, way before I started working here at Northside.

I love my bride, I love my children, and I love my Northside family.

Loving and living for Him,


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