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Keeping the Message Simple

March 18, 2010

Oh, many years ago (okay back in high school) I was part of our local Junior Achievement group. After the business selections and making and selling candle sconces, so thankful for those with a big hearts toward the high school students, looking back I can not believe anyone bought one. During that year I was selected with several others to represent our area at the National Junior Achievement awards dinner in Cleveland. I was selected to escort George Mecherle Jr. from the airport, to his room, and finally to the stage where he was to accept an award on behalf of his grandfather, George J. Mecherle, the founder of State Farm Insurance. During that time I met the master of ceremonies for the event, Walter Cronkite, the legendary news anchor. As I talked with Mr. Cronkite I was mesmerized by his voice, articulation, and mannerisms. He brought excitement to a young man as if he were about to announce a major event that just happened. He had my attention even if we really never watched him on TV.

So how can Walter Cronkite grab my attention and draw me into the message of the moment, which happened to simply be what we were eating for dinner that evening. His message was simple and plainly stated but hooked me. Roll many more years back and another message was clear, simple and plainly stated. We, the Pharisees, can not get along with Christ. He must go. Somehow the simple message that needed to be conveyed by a few was able to affect so many to confuse who Christ really is. He came and lived a perfect life so how could a few articulate Pharisees convince the crowd to crucify Him? It was not necessarily because of who He was but what He was doing and sharing. Convinced that their voice was about to be lost, He must go. We have many moments to share and lead others to know who Christ really is, our voice does not have to be explosive, mesmerizing, or articulate to convey the simple truth that Jesus died for me, He died for you, and conquered it all by breaking free from the chains of death. Don’t over think this, simply live it.


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