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Hard Questions the Church is Asking (7 of 7)

April 7, 2010

How does the Holy Spirit lead us?

Are the promises about the Holy Spirit that the early church experienced still available today? I typically hear from someone each week who are constantly being led by the Spirit to “do” this, or to “say” that. I kind of feel left out when I talk with these kinds of people. It’s like God is directing everyone’s life but mine. Why do some people speak so confidently about being guided by God through His Spirit while others never sense a thing?

When I sense God’s leading, I always submit it to God’s Word. I know, for sure, that if these two contradict then my “feeling” must be wrong. God’s Word is never wrong and is to be trusted. Throughout Scripture, the prophets and apostles reminded God’s people to test the Spirit’s leading against the Scriptures. They will never contradict.

I also submit myself to God’s community of believers (the church).  When I am convicted that the Spirit might be leading me and this fits squarely with the Bible, I ask more mature and faithful followers of God to help me discern the guidance of the Spirit. I have consistently found that God’s leaders are trustworthy and reliable sources of God’s direction. Especially when they know you well, they are able to accurately and powerfully speak truth into your life.

I’ve thought a lot about this issue, the Spirit’s leading. There are certainly times where people claim about God’s leading incorrectly. I am always concerned when God always promises people bigger and better things. The Bible seems to be weighted in the direction of the Spirit leading people through some pretty difficult times. Paul even says that it is the Spirit that told him that prison and hardship await (Acts 20:19-24). I want to hear more of these kind of stories, they seem more life-changing to me.

I still have more questions than answers on this issue, but I can confidently testify that God’s Word has never pointed me in the wrong direction. The Spirit is discernible in It’s people when we are seeking God’s direction in connection with His Word. And that’s reason enough to restart your quiet time with God.


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