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Quirky, Good Questions (1 of 4)

April 14, 2010

It is so awesome to continually hear from people from the Northside family who are reading through the Bible. So many of us read through our Bible text and then check it off our to-do list for the day. These people are reading their Bibles and are stopping to ask questions. I know that what we are seeing happen on the Sundays is a direct result of us seeking Him together.

Here are some interesting questions that have come in from the people in our search reading their Bibles:

From: Lisa

Hey Pastor Zach, Genesis 38, in my Bible, talks about a TEMPLE PROSTITUTE? I would really like some explanation on this.  How in the world can there be a temple prostitute? That is crazy! I thought in that culture if your face and head were covered it meant you were NOT a harlot.  Did I miss something in the reading?

We do not want to mix up the temple that is being referred to here with the Temple that would be built by Solomon in honor and worship of God. This time in Genesis pre-dates the Temple built by Solomon. Many cultures did use sex as a form of worship. This idea gave birth to “Temple Prostitutes”. These people who would sell themselves to temple goers who wanted to use sex as an act of worship. This is what is being referred to here. This also would be something that Paul deals with thousands of years later with the Corinthians where Temple prostitutes, both male and female, existed.  In 1st Corinthians 7, Paul is dealing with the Corinthian Christians reaction to these prostitutes. They had condemned all sex calling it evil because of these prostitutes.  The Corinthian Christians ask for Paul’s view on sex and he lets them know that sex only in marriage is a gift from God.

In Corinth the prostitute would be known because she did not cover her head.   At this time in Genesis the prostitute would wear a veil and seek to allure men to her in that way. Pretty sneaky but isn’t  the devil always devious?



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