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Quirky, Good Questions (2 of 4)

April 21, 2010

From: Scott

Good morning Zach! I’m confused in my Bible reading for the day! Why did Zipporah circumcise Moses’ son and throw the foreskin at him and say “you are the bridegroom of blood!” Is it because he neglected to circumcise him and she had to do it. Is that why God is angry at him?

The question comes from Exodus 4:24-26 where Moses is on his way to call for Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go. On the way, the text says that God sought to kill Moses until Zipporah circumcised their sons.

The reason that God was going to kill Moses is because Moses, while going through outward obedience, was not being inwardly obedient. He did not follow the commandment given to Abraham in Genesis 17. In Genesis 17:40 it says that anyone who is not circumcised has broken the covenant with God and is to be cut off from the people. Moses knew this and for some reason (maybe because of his wife) he ignored it. God would not allow him to come to the people of Israel without fulfilling the covenant of circumcision. This is an important lesson for us.  We need to truly be committed to being completely obedient to God in our lives. Inside and out. Sundays and Mondays. In private and in public. In word and in deed.


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  1. Hi
    Don’t forget the other extremely important point, men listen to the wisdom of your wives!

    Comment by Barb | April 21, 2010 | Reply

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