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The Christian’s Continual Boxing Match – Round 8 of 10

June 30, 2010

Gospel vs. Religion

I’m a good Christian. I hear that a lot. What they’re really saying is, I follow the rules. I worship the rules. Too many Christians have turned religion into an idol. The reason that idolatry is so alluring is that idols promise to make life worth living, bring us happiness, and provide for us and sense of being good. All of these desires are fine, but they become evil when they become our focus, rather than Jesus, who alone makes life worth living[1]. For many, it seems that control, comfort, and quiet are the idols many people are devoted to worshipping. We have elevated many things to a god-like status that aren’t really God-like at all. Over the next 10 weeks, I’d like to make aware the 10 differences between God’s truth (gospel) and the Christian’s idol (religion).

Round 8 of 10

Religion says, Life is more about works, so work hard, because you want to be confident in what you do when you stand before God.

When religious people are asked, Are you sure your sins are forgiven at the cross of Christ?, they reply, I hope so. The reason for uncertainty is because they base their worth to God on good works, trying to please Him enough so they are allowed into heaven when they stand before God. Religious people think that if they sin tomorrow (and they will), then all those hours helping out on a certain ministry team have gone to waste and they have to do more work in order for God to consider them His.

Gospel says, My standing before God is contingent on Jesus alone. I am secure and redeemed because of Jesus.

Please read First John 5:11-14.

John supports the Gospel here by saying that if you believe in the person of Jesus and in HIS work on the cross, you can know with assurance that your standing before God is secure and therefore live in the joy of that gift. Religion has no chance against the work of Jesus. Gospel wins Round 8.  


[1] Driscoll, Mark, Death by Love, pg. 98

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