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July 1, 2010

I can not believe it is July. Danielle and I have been in preparation for this time for 18 years now, our oldest going off to college. She is an amazing young woman of God with a passion to live her life for Him. So next month as we get all the supplies ready and take her to school at the end of August, I struggle with the thought that we have provided her with all that she needs to know. Is she ready to go? Have we effectively prepared her to be out in this world without the parents God has entrusted her with? Am I just at a point to say “well—go with God—I hope I did not mess up too much?” It is not my confidence that I am looking for but her confidence that she should rely on.

In Second Timothy 3:10-17 we read of Paul’s charge to Timothy. This is kind of a wrap up session for them, mostly a reminder of what has been taught along the way. As I desire to make sure that Allana is prepared to go, I have no doubt that before she leaves we will remind her of her commitments, beliefs, and challenge her to live her life completely for Him—in all ways, beginning with the simple understanding that all Scripture is from the breath of God Himself. The hard talk will be that she needs to discern what is being presented to her to be truly from God and not from man or man’s abuse of scripture. The hardest part of letting go will be knowing now that any of her persecutions that lie before her will be without us around.

Yes I am excited for her, I want to charge her to go and live a life for Him. But, is she ready to experience this world without us? I tearfully say that she is. She has been exposed to the Word from infancy, she is ready to use it, live it, apply it, and lead it. This is what Paul was telling Timothy—you’re ready! As I think of what I am experiencing and living and reading from what Paul is stating, are we all ready? Have we kept growth from happening—to not take on—what God is expecting from us? Learning and living for Him is simple but has to be done. Today make it a point to allow God to show you what you need to do and to get past the limits that we have put on our self and allow God to be seen through us.

Love ya,


PS. Allana, I am so very proud of you.

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