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The Cloak

July 22, 2010

Yesterday for Danielle and me it was twenty years together in marriage. As I have taken time to look back over the past twenty, it has been an amazing journey. God has done some amazing things through us together. I can not imagine life without her and can not explain why my heart leaps when I see her, just like when we first dated. I don’t like the time when we are apart and look forward to seeing her each day. God has blessed me with her. She is my bride, my friend, my protector, my supporter, and my team. I know that when we get God and the two of us together we can move mountains. I know that at any moment she would do whatever to fulfill my needs, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She has always been in my corner and will continue for the next twenty.

As we wrap up 2 Timothy we read in chapter 4:9-18. God has given so many different people in Paul’s life. Some of these were faithful in their commitment to their relationship with him and others not so much. Paul is very specific during his personal conversation. He is again reminding Timothy where he needs to be on guard and to not allow anger or judgment to be held over some others. It gets down to verse 13 that I really found humor and understanding on how close their relationship to each other. I can see that Timothy is willing to do whatever Paul needs; I am not exactly sure why Paul needed to have Timothy get his cloak. Some commentators suggest the jail was cold and winter was due soon. Similarly Paul was anticipating his death so much so that he was looking forward to being released from every evil attack and brought into the Heavenly Kingdom. The cloak and his papers still made me think and then I realized just how close a relationship they had. They were so close that Timothy would be willing to stop off and get a cloak, some papers, and Mark.

Similarly to my wife, I know that she will do whatever my I need her to do, she will go to great lengths for me no matter how insignificant someone feels it is. She loves me enough that she is willing to do the really simple tasks. Paul could rely on Timothy for the simple stuff the really personal things. It was at the cloak that I finally understood that Timothy was not just Paul’s apprentice but a very dear friend. God can do some amazing things with us, but how much more can He do if we do it with others. We all need that friend that is willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how insignificant it may seem. To live your life out loud for Him is better to allow God to give you a friend to help you along your journey.

Your friend,


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