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Mission Trips aren’t as important as Missional Living (2 of 2)

July 28, 2010

What barriers stop us from living every second like we’re on a mission trip? What gets in the way of us loving others constantly to God? Well, I thought of a handful (read last week’s blog), and here are the rest:


We’re hyper-scheduled and overbooked, working sixty to seventy hours a week to bring home the proverbial bacon. All this work leaves little time for band practice, book clubs, sporting events, church meetings, and some of you are crazy enough to go back to school! Oh, and then there’s of course “me” time. To quote from the Veggie Tales’ “Good Samaritan” cartoon, “We’re busy, busy, dreadfully busy. You’ve no idea what we have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy. Much, much too busy for you.”


Our hearts and minds are burdened by internal conflict. I feel the4 guilt many times of living in varying degrees of comfort while my peers half a world away dress in rags and eat dust. On this side of the world, I am so tired and beat down at times that I choose not to share the freeing gospel I have inside with those around me in my community who need to be freed. My baggage keeps me from loving those around me. We constantly wonder whether we are driven to serve out of guilt (a longing for warm fuzzies; a hero-complex to validate our otherwise spoiled lives) OR – as it should be, we serve through a genuine, selfless, long-suffering love.


We are still too selfish. We’re still full of pride at times. We hoard and waste and miss countless opportunities – all b/c we’re at the center of our own hearts, not Jesus. We need a revolutionary love to take over our hearts first, before we can allow God’s love to take over the world. Before we can use God-ordained weapons of love, charity, peace, and willful self-sacrifice, these things must reign in our hearts first.

God can eradicate the world’s pain that surrounds us all in His time. But while we’re here on this earth, we can each fulfill His ultimate command to love our neighbors as ourselves. Go live a missional life. Don’t just go to church be the church in all you do.


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