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The Astounding Evidence For God’s Existence: Cosmology/Astronomy

March 15, 2010

Set aside the many competing explanations of the Big Bang; something made an entire cosmos out of nothing. It is this realization–that something transcendent started it all–which has hard-science types…using terms like ‘miracle.‘ ” – Gregg Easterbrook

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” -Genesis 1:1. When we first open up our Bibles this is what we read but do we ever sit down and really think about what the implications of this verse means?  Do we truly grasp how amazingly profound it is that a God existed before time began and decided to display His glory by creating a physical realm that we call the universe? Philosophers, scientists, and people across all ages, cultures, languages, and tribes have asked the question: where did we come from? Some say it was all by chance and the universe came out of nothing. Others say the universe is merely an illusion and none of this is real. Yet another explanation is that the universe is eternal and has always been here. We’ll briefly look into why these three assumptions are false and why the cosmological argument makes logical sense.

The first illogical theory of the universe is that it’s an illusion. Simple logic will dispute this argument. An illusion by definition is something that’s deceptive, or unreal. If it’s an illusion it’s not really there, we can’t correspond it to reality.  Since we can touch, see, taste, smell, and hear the reality of the universe around us; this theory doesn’t have any substance to it.

The second illogical theory of the universe is that it’s eternal.  Again by looking at the law of Thermodynamics we can see that this is false:

  • 1st Law: The total amount of mass-energy in the universe is constant.
  • 2nd Law: The amount of energy available for work is running out, or entropy is increasing to a maximum.

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