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What if Jesus Facebooked? (Part1)

October 7, 2009

Anybody have a favorite word out there? I go through phases where I like to use certain words. I’ve been saying audacity a lot lately for some reason. Last month I was saying the word emulsifying just because I heard it used on the food network. I’m still not sure I know what it means. Whit’s been using the word, getoffthecouch a lot lately.

The writer of the Gospel Mark loves to use a word to describe Jesus’ ministry: immediately. Immediately Jesus is healing someone. Immediately Jesus is teaching a large crowd. Immediately a storm comes. Immediately the Pharisees show up on the scene. So much happens in Mark and we don’t want to miss any significance.

Sunday’s sermon began a brand new series Robin and I will be doing together through Mark chapter 2. So much happens in the book of Mark that if you read it too fast, you miss so much significance. And in the beginning of Mark 2 is one of the most powerful stories – Jesus heals the paralytic (Mark 2:1-12).

This is truly a fascinating story and if you closed your eyes and pretended that you were inside the house with the huge crowd, you will certainly find this a very intriguing story. When the four men carrying the paralytic found their way blocked by the crowd, they still persisted to bring the paralytic to Jesus, hence (another favorite word of mine) they cleverly found that the only way in was to climb up the roof and remove the stone or ceramic tiles piece by piece. I’m sure that the crowd below must have heard the noise from above that the men were making as they painstakingly removed the tiled roof.

If you looked back at the beginning of this story, the men bringing the paralytic sought Jesus in Capernaum and found him inside the house. But their way to Jesus was blocked by the huge crowd that surrounded him. So they did more than just knocked the door, they literally knocked open the roof tiles. What about you? Have you sought the Lord lately? If you are seeking Him, it is good to know that you don’t have to climb anything, or ruin anyone’s roof. He’s made the way to Him easy and true. I’d rather open my Bible and pray any day over climbing a stranger’s roof. I don’t have the audacity to climb my neighbor’s roof; that would just be emulsifying J.

Make time for God and watch Him work in your life this week.


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